My Methods

I always offer an initial introductory chemistry session to see how we connect. It is important that I understand what the individual’s motivation is to move forward but also that we believe in each other.

I always set a coaching contract in place so I know how far I can challenge the individual, but also to ensure we have an ‘honesty always’ relationship.

The majority of my coaching is performed over the phone, but I’m also happy (if geography permits!) to conduct face-to-face sessions. It’s all about what works best for you.

Through a friendly, inquisitive conversational approach I will learn about you, enabling me to fully support you in the challenge ahead.

We will work through the GROW technique below so we both have clarity in terms of what your Goal is, which will be set as a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) objective.

We will then establish your Reality, assess the Options available to you and challenge your Will to follow a planned course of action through. This encourages the individual to think of the desired outcome and work backwards to create a plan which, if followed, will allow them to achieve their goal.

Each session will conclude with up to three actionable milestones (which the individual will set themselves). We will also agree a date for our next meet.

The following session will always begin with a check-in to how the individual is feeling, and how they progressed against the actionable milestones set. We will then discuss and agree the next steps.

If we decide to work together you will have my 100% commitment to support your development.

I promise to challenge you, celebrate your wins with you and enjoy watching you develop towards achieving your goals and dreams.